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I met Cipi about a year ago. We met weekly in a community but didn’t talked much, until both of us found out that we went through similar kind of shit in life. We shared several common interests, one of which is our often-macabre point of view. Talking about macabre, there was this one night she came to the cafe, all dressed-up and looking impeccable. She told me she will be going on a two-week trip to the states. It baffled me that she dressed so nice that night, just in case anything happened to her, THIS LOOK will...

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The other day, Silvia went to my coffee shop to brainstorm some ideas. She brought her assistant and we talked for about half an hour until I asked her to do some shots, for fun. I already got my friend’s hotshoe flash ready for this, so here we go!   This is my favorite shot. I love the look, and the lips. This is THE SHOT, but I don’t really like it. It lacks a soul or something. The mandatory outfit of the day shot. This is one of her favorite shot. She looks fun, I...

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So today my friends Agatha and Jojo dropped by the cafe because we wanted to try the newest fancy restaurant in town. Agatha haven’t done her hair so she brought her straightener and did it in the coffee shop. I didn’t bring my camera today but my friend Rico did, so I borrowed his. This is my favorite shot. This never fails to make me smile 🙂 This shot is done through a glass. Libbey’s glass to be...

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